Friday, April 4, 2014

Book response

Motorcycles edited by Micro De Cet in 2002 is a book about all sorts of motorcycles. Micro De Cet has test-ridden, written about and photographed countless classic motorcycles from all periods and from many continents for many years. He has worked for the popular motorcycle magazine On Two Wheels, and has contributed to several international specialist motorcycle magazines and books. I personally found this book to be very boring all it is is pictures of bikes and some short facts about them. So if you just want to look at pictures yeah this book is great for you I will never read this book again and didn't like it to much.

SSR motorcycle demographics

This week I am responding to a article, Motorcycle trends in the United states

This article by bureau of Transportation Statistics had to say, Because the majority of motorcycles in use must be registered for operations on public highways, registrations provide some indication of the number of motorcycles in use on public roadways each year. Motorcycle registrations in the United States have grown each of the past 10 years, from 3,826,373 in 1997 to 6,678,958 in 2006-a 75 percent increase overall.2 Sales of new street-legal motorcycles grew even more sharply over the same period, from 260,000 in 1997 to 892,000 in 2006 (a 243 percent increase), but declined slightly to 885,000 in 2007. Also Motorcycle engine sizes and motorcycle weights are increasing in the United States. While new sales of motorcycles with engines of 750cc or more increased 54.0 percent in 2003 compared to 1998, and those with midsized engines of 450-749cc increased 16.6 percent, sales of motorcycles with smaller engine sizes decreased during the same period, especially in the midsized 350-449cc category, which declined 60.1 percent.