Tuesday, June 3, 2014



Quentin Ramirez

Dear Blog Readers,
I have been writing this blog since October 2013 I have written many types of writings for my blog. It has ranged from informational videos to passion blogs. The first post I am choosing to do is Two Stroke VS. Four Stroke  because this was one of my first blog posts I did. I had to research the topic and it caused me to find more information that I didn’t know before. This was one of my favorite posts because I’m really into dirt bikes and I thought it was cool to know different facts about each types of bikes.

Over the school year I’ve been writing on this blog and I believe that this blog has made my writing skills a lot better. For example in the beginning of the year I wrote posts that were small and not very organized such as the post Our little RM80. But as the year progressed I feel as though my skills got better and I started to write better posts like All about 1979 2 Strokes.

Now it’s the end of the year and I am satisfied with my blog I have gone far with my writing skills and believe that doing this blog has made me a better  writer in general.